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Q. What categories of merchandise do you sell?

A. We sell all kind of consumer goods: Electronics (Smartphones, Tablets, Video Games, Headphones & More), Home & More (Appliances, Toys, Baby Products & More), Fashion (Clothing, Shoes, Luggage's & Bags & More), Computers & Accessories (Desktops, Laptops, Components, Monitors, Printers & More), Business Products (Furniture, Office & School Supplies, Office Electronics & More), Pharmacy & Wellness (Cosmetics & Beauty, Personal Care, Health Care & Medical & More) & General Merchandise (Sports & Outdoor, Tools & More, Automotive & More).


Q. Where does Restock source its products?

A. We receive customer returns and overstock from major Retailers & Manufacturers.  A filter option is available to sort our products by vendors.


Q. Is there a minimum order amount?

A. No, because we build Full Pallets, Gaylords and Box Lots there is no minimum purchase to facilitate transactions. The average value of a lot is $1,000 but lots can vary from $100 up to $10,000 & more for truckloads. 


QWhat does MSRP mean?

A. MSRP stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. MSRP is the price at which the manufacturer of a product recommends it be sold at the point of sale, it may also be referred to as list price. The MSRP was designed to keep prices the same from store to store. Retailers may not use this price, and consumers may not always pay the MSRP when making purchases. Items may be sold at a lower price so that a business can reasonably move inventory off the shelves.


QCan I negotiate the price of a lot?

A. All products on are offered in fixed price and not in auction and the prices can’t be changed or negotiated.  If a product is unsold after few weeks, a price drop will be applied.  For a complete list of products with a price drop, click here.


QDo I need to create an account before ordering?

A. Yes, an account is required to order on  To create an account click on Sign Up at the top right corner of the web page.  The process is quick and easy.


QWhat payment methods do you accept?

A. All orders must be paid online using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Orders can also be paid through Interac e-transfer or wire by contacting our customer service at  All our prices are in Canadian dollars.


QDo you offer a price protection?

A. Yes, we do offer a price protection on overstock lots starting with 2 letters (BN, LK). If a price drop is applied on a product you purchased within 5 days, contact our customer service at with your order number and item number, and we will credit the difference to your account.  Register to our newsletter to be informed of all prices drop.


Q. Can I get more info or more photos of a lot I am interested in?

A. All details we have for a specific lot are posted on its page with a detailed manifest. If you want more info on specific products, we suggest searching on the manufacturer website.


QWhat is the accuracy of the manifests?

A. We are proud to offer accurate manifests to our customers.  There may be minor differences on manifests for larger lots, but the overall value of a lot should not be affected. For all condition except Returns, if there is more than five (5)% discrepancy between the manifest and the products you received, you must inform us by email at within 15-days after receiving the merchandise.  The buyer assumes a discrepancies risk of 5% between the manifest and the products received.  Returns buyer must assumes a defective value of 20% including missing items.


Q. Can I inspect or select lots on site at the warehouse?

A. We do not have a warehouse store and lots are not displayed.  We limit access to the warehouse to visitors for security reasons.  All purchases are online only and no location is accessible to visit.


Q. I already purchased a Lot but forgot to print the manifest, where I can find it?

A. To Access the manifest of a lot that is no longer available, go into your browser and type our web address and add your lot number at the end, as follows:


Q. Does Restock sell some products on another network or remove products from lots?

A. All products we receive are sold in lots on our marketplace We do not operate a retail store, nor do we do private sales outside our marketplace. All our clients have access to all our lots through the same marketplace. We are fully dedicated to find the best deals for our clients. We aim to be THE source for liquidation, and we believe this can only be achieved by building a client relation based on trust and transparency.


Q. Why did the lots that I put in my cart disappear by the time I was ready to check out?

A. Popular products and categories sell fast on the website, and lots cannot be reserved by adding them to your cart, the only advise we can offer is to checkout as soon as you can.


Q. Does Restock sell Truckloads ?

A. Yes, Restock sell truckloads to volume buyers.  Those are available on demand, please reach out to us for details:



Q. When are new lots are added on

A. New lots are listed Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm ET.


Q. How often will I receive your newsletter if I subscribe?

A. We send notifications about new arrivals and price drop almost every weekday.  We invite you to update your preferences to receive only the notifications of interest to you (Category, Condition & Lot Size).  You can also unsubscribe anytime.



Q. What are the differences in product conditions you sell?

A. Our products are offered in 6 conditions:

Brand New

Brand New products were never sold to a consumer and are factory sealed.

Like New

Like New products were never sold to a consumer, those may have price tags or stickers.  Product seals may be broken or missing and there's no warranty on best before date when such dates are applicable.  Retail packaging can show signs of wear but products inside are New.


Refurbished products are fully functional and meet all original manufacturer specifications.  Those were cleaned to look like new one and can show minor esthetic signs of use only.  All Essential Accessories included in the original packaging will be supplied.  Packaging may be missing, see pictures for more details.


Returns products were bought by a consumer then returned to retailer. Those Returns are untested and exact condition is unknown. You can estimate approximately 20% of defective value after testing, fixing, cosmetic correction and mix and match. Reasons for returns can be: Customer changed mind, Gift return, online failed delivery, box damaged, defective product, physically broken and more. Packaging, documentation, parts and/or accessories may be missing. Some products can be customer locked. See pictures for more details.

Scratch & Dent

Scratch & Dent products have cosmetic damages to the exterior of the products. Those damages come from accidental warehouse or shipping damage. Most of those products will work and were not in contact with a end user. You can estimate approximately 10% of defective value after testing, fixing, cosmetic correction and mix and match. Packaging, documentation, parts and/or accessories may be missing. See pictures for more details.


Salvage products are defective, have cosmetics defects or both.  Salvage products are for professional buyers specialized in repairs or resale of parts. These products can have missing parts, broken screens, can be customer locked and HDD may have been removed. Often Retail Box will be missing. No repair was attempted on products. Salvage lots are sold as is and without warranty.  See pictures for more details.



Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. Shipping is calculated in your cart, based on your location and the weight and dimensions of the specific items you selected.


Q. Where and how does Restock ship?

A. Restock ship to any Canadian address with UPS, Nationex and LTL Carriers (Pallets) for volume orders.


Q. Does Restock ship to residential addresses?

A. Yes, Restock ships to any residential address at no extra charge.


Q. What are the shipping delays?

A. Estimated delivery is two to seven (2-7) business days in Quebec, three to ten (3-10) business days in Ontario, seven to fifteen (7-15) business days anywhere else in Canada.


Q. I am based outside of Canada, can I order from

A. Yes, you will be responsible for ensuring that the products are eligible for export outside Canada and to comply with all applicable requirements including but not limited to import fees, if any.  We do not ship outside Canada at this time, but you can pick-up your order and handle shipping yourselves.


Q. How can I track my order?

A. Tracking numbers will be supplied for orders of less than one pallet (boxes). There is no tracking number for pallets or Truckloads orders.


Q. What do I need to proceed to a Pick-up?

ASame-day pickup is not available. When you select the pick-up option, you will receive an email from customer service ( to schedule a pick-up appointment within 24H to 48H after the approval of your order.

Pickup hours are Monday to Friday AM (9am to noon) or PM (noon to 3pm).

In case of collection by a transport company, the bill of lading (BOL) must be received 48 hours before the arrival of the carrier.

We can keep orders in the warehouse for five (5) working days. After this period, we reserve the right to cancel any order in progress and charge restocking fee of ten (10) %.

At your pick-up appointment, you will need to provide a copy of your invoice and government-issued photo ID to release your order.

If you send someone else to pick up the order, make sure that you have sent us their full name by email and that they have a copy of the invoice, they will also need to show photo ID to release the order.


Q. Can I wait a few days to pick-up my orders?

A. Many clients combine their orders to save on shipping, we authorize our clients to wait up to five (5) business-days before the pick-up of their orders. After this period, we reserve the right to cancel any order in progress and charge restocking fee of ten (10) %.



Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. A 10% restocking fee will be applied on all cancelled orders. Refused shipments will also be treated as order cancellations and subject to the same 10% restocking fee.


Q. Can I return the merchandise?

A. All sales are final, and we do not accept returns or exchanges. If you have any issues, you must inform us within 15-days after receiving the merchandise, by email at


Q. How to use a store credit?

A. Store credits are valid for a period of 12 months after their issuance date and can be used on any Restock order.  Store credit cannot be converted to cash. Your store credit will be automatically applied at checkout.