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The retail market is more competitive than ever. Consumers have access to more variety of products at a cheaper price. Online and big box retailers have logistics that allow them a fast delivery of their products to consumers. In those conditions, many independent retailers ask themselves how they can find their place through all this competition.

The biggest challenger faced by independent resellers is to source quality product at a discount price, to able them to thrive in a highly competitive market. You can’t just try to compete on equal ground, with the same product at the same price, ordered and delivered with the same convenience than everyone else. You must have a different offer for your customers, or else they won’t be attracted to buy from you.

Many buyers decide to participate in auctions to get access to new products and expect a better value through the bidding process. You first need to browse multiple websites everyday to see all deal available, then you place your bid, sometimes a full week before the end of the auction and continue to monitor daily in the event you get outbid, only to enter into a bidding war in the last minutes of the auction. You end up losing some auctions that you really wanted and getting the feeling that you paid too much for others. You have a hard time planning your revenues as you can’t figure out what your supply will be, and you end up being stressed with an over supply that you can’t store or an under supply that prevent you from achieving your sales target.

Imagine if you could have access to a website displaying real time inventory on hundreds of lots, each displayed with photos, details manifested and at fixed price. Having such a wide variety of product to choose from in many different product categories, including Computers, Electronics, Home products, Toys, Business products, Fashion, General merchandise and more. Lots available in boxes, pallet, or truckloads. No more waiting the end of auctions, no more bidding war, no more uncertainty on stock availability. No more stress of last minutes changes.

This is the offer. An easy access to a wide range or lots, from major brand and national retailers, 24/7 and all year long. A simple and efficient way to order which allow you to plan your procurement to fit your needs and at your convenience. You can purchase directly on the website with any credit card and have it shipped to you anywhere in North America.

Restock Canada has been founded by entrepreneur with experience in the resell of merchandise on the secondary market. Our goal is not to close a sale, but to build a relationship with our clients so you can pick and choose what is the best for you, at your convenience, without the stress of an auction. We understand our customer because we were in their shoes for many years and our ambition is to make Restock Canada the supplier that we wish we had.

Restock Canada is The source for liquidation of overstock and customer returns in Canada. We supply thousands of independent resellers across Canada, liquidation store, Internet reseller, export company, flea market and regional distributors. If you are a reseller looking for a reliable supply of discounted goods, we are the right partner for you.

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