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Restock Canada – Purchase Agreement


This Purchase Agreement (the “Agreement”) apply to all orders made on the Restock Canada website (the Marketplace), by any companies or individuals, referred as “Buyer”. Restock Canada “Restock” may update this agreement from time to time and its sole discretion. Both Buyer and Restock, referred as the “Parties”, may terminate this agreement and cease business at any time and at their sole discretion. This Agreement apply to all Lots “Lots” and all Products included in those lots “Products” sold through the Marketplace.


1.            Application

By checking the “I agree” box and proceeding wit the payment of your order on the Marketplace, you accept and agree with this Purchase Agreement.


2.            Removal of identifications

Buyer agree to remove information and identification from all Products, prior to their sale or disposal;

a)            all store name, logo, SKU, price tags, labels, packaging marking and other identifying marks

b)           all consumer information including but not limited to; sales receipt, shipping label, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information belonging to the consumer

c)            delete all consumers data from electronic devices such as computer, smartphones, digital cameras, data storage and others, using the best practice of the industry in terms of data sanitization.


3.            Acceptance of merchandise

The Buyer is recognized to be a professional Buyer taking all responsibilities for the purchased products.

a)            Buyer assume a discrepancies risk of 5% between the manifest and the stock received.

b)           Products descriptions and conditions details are there as a guidance only and shall not constitute any warranty as to the product condition or quality.

c)            All merchandises are sold “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS”, with no warranties expressed or implied. It is the Buyer responsibility to asses de quality and condition of each products purchased.

d)           All sales are finals and Buyer may not return any of the listed Products to Restock for refund or exchange.

e)           All request regarding short shipment, damaged goods or any other inquiry related to the conditions, quality or quantity of a specific order must be sent to within 3 business days of receiving the goods.

f)            Buyer assume that the export of some or all products purchased may be prohibited or restricted by the export control laws of Canada.

g)            In the event of an order cancellation a 10% restocking fee will be applied. Refused shipments will also be treated as order cancellations and subject to the same 10% restocking fee. 


4.            Limitations of warranties

All Products sold do not carry any manufacturer or retailer warranty and cannot be returned to store or manufacturer for replacement, credit, refund or any other compensation. The sole warranty that apply is the 30-days offered by Restock on all New, Open Box and Refurbished Products sold through the Marketplace.



5.            Limitations of Liability

The Buyer accept the full responsibility from the risk arising from any Products purchases from Restock. In no event shall Restock or its affiliate, associates, employees, partners, administrators or suppliers be liable for any incident or damages related to Products purchases by the Buyer. The Buyer understand that the Products purchased may not be in its original condition or specification and then the user may get a different experience from the product that its original purpose. This provision will survive the termination of this Agreement.


6.            Orders Pick-up

Buyer is responsible to arrange pick-up of all pick-up orders within 5 business days of the purchase. If the Buyer is unable to comply, he must advise restock by sending an email to and advise when he will be able to proceed to pick-up. Restock reserve the right to ship the merchandise at the customer cost or to cancel the order and charge a cancellation fee of 10% of the total order.


7.            Compliance with Laws

Restock can at its sole discretion terminate this agreement if the Buyer do not comply with all applicable laws and regulation, including but not limited to;

a)            disposal of electronics waste

b)           the exportation regulations

c)            the transportation of hazardeous material

d)           Payment and remittance of Provincial and Federal sales taxes


8.            Severability

If any provisions of this Agreement will be declared unenforceable or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the same will not impair any of the other provisions contained in this Agreement.


9.            Governing Laws

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec and the laws of Canada applicable in Quebec. Any dispute in relation to this agreement shall be settled before the Cours du Québec sitting in the city of Montreal.


10.          Agreement in English only

Les Parties acceptant que le présent contrat ait été produits en Anglais uniquement.

Both Parties accept and understand that the present Agreement was written in English.